What does one do the night their mother dies?

I find myself sitting at a picnic table, just kinda of doing not much of anything.

I read in Ecclesiastes that "The end of a matter is better than its beginning" (7:8).

This life... this soul-trapping sack of human flesh... is so... confusing.

It's so hard to imagine the world-more-real that is of spirits and souls and Heaven and angels.

I mean wow - eternity. 49 Years vs Eternity. How can we begin to fathom it?

I mean, life - as I know it - will always be divided for me from now on. Before May 21 at 4:50pm ET... and after 4:50.

But what about that life that I don't know? That eternal one where things are so different and time isn't measured.

I mean... if this life gives 49 cycles of the earth around the sun... and the real life gives us unmarked... the word isn't time. What is the word?

And the real life gies us an unmarked experience in fellowship at the feet of the Son.

So mom gets to experience that real life, her faith proved and her soul awoken to the real life that we can't percieve.

It's so weird to think that this life is not even the first chapter of our full life. More like the forward. Or maybe its more like the back story... like the Hobbit was for Lord of the Rings. You don't have to have read the Hobbit to understand the Lord of the Rings... but by reading the Hobbit you gain insight as to how things came to be in LotR.

I don't know.

Debbie Linne is living the life more real now. I will cherish and enjoy the taste of memories from her time here on Earth. Though to me it be years before we meet again, she waits in the endless pool of eternity, knowing I'm coming when it's time.

God rest with her soul.