A Hope Realized

I wish someone had told me.

I don't know why no one did. To all my single brothers out there... to all the young men who are trying to figure out this world and are trying to respond to the expectations of sex and love and kisses and physique and looks and manhood.

Become a man. Don't fool around, don't be a slut, don't think that your worth is EVER to be measured on how many girls throw themselves at you or how many you can kiss on the first date or how many show off that leg of theirs. That's all so so worthless.

To steal a phrase from the creative God Himself:

"Brace yourself like a man;
I will question you and you will answer me."

What part of being a man involves lying down with another man's to-be wife?
What part of a man means giving away parts of yourself to some girl whose name you won't remember in 20 years... 10 years... 2 years.
What part of being a man means becoming weak in the knees about something as silly as midrift; how could that compare to one day seeing a much larger midrift carrying your child?
What part of a man means compromising your commitments to yourself (let alone God or your mysterious yet-to-be-named wife) for momentary pleasure?

Now wait.

I've heard all that before. I've heard people say don't do this or don't do that or don't look at this girl or don't touch that one.

I've heard from men "no, no, no."

What we don't hear, what so few people have told me... is how GOOD it will be when you find the woman you love. How beautiful the comfort of simply holding another body near yours not for lust or ego but for comfort and care. How much better it is to have a woman who trusts you and loves you for not proving your manhood via your body and sexual expertise but instead by your lifestyle and your mind and you commitments.

Guys... a gentle touch and strong commitment will find it's way to a worthy heart. A d* just gets you into pants. And those pants are probably used and dirty anyways.

I can go to the store and by a TV dinner with Sirloin Steak. So can you. And you, and you, and you. And yeah... that Sirloin Steak might fill me up. That TV Dinner Sirloin Steak might even taste good! You might think... "hey, I can live on this Sirloin Steak for my life."

And then... you meet a master chef. He marinates his steak, uncooked, untouched, for days. Then, slowly the meat is cooked over an open fire. And you realize what real STEAK is.

Men (and women) you can go out there and give up hope and just be with whatever (whoever) is easy. You can feel powerful, you can feel embraced by society. And then one day you'll try something real.

I'll be honest. I had started to give up hope in feminity... I had met so many women who were trying to woo men with their body and open legs and not their heart and mind. And their abrasiveness and desire to be wanted was so much louder than the real women who respect themselves and love men in the proper, right ways that I almost missed true love.

They spoke so loud that I got lost in what it meant to be a man. What was important. What my soul and emotions and body really needed.

Guys - true love is out there. And it tastes so much sweeter than dirty lips. The reason to wait isn't just some sort of "no, no, no." It's not even to protect you, per se. The reason to wait is because when you find love it will be as a fine wine; so much better than what you could quickly get your hands into.

You've got things to do, a man to become. Don't let sime pair of used, dirty lips dictate to you that sexual pleasure is a substitute for being real. Let go of that false assumption and misguided focus and become a real man.

And then, when you find a real woman, one kiss will intoxicate you more than some random orgasm.

Men, there is hope.