Random Acts of Memory

So as I was driving yesterday, I was hit with a random memory. I don't know why it suddenly came to me, but it did.

So the year was 2001 and my friends James, Jeremiah and Chris were in Houston, TX. While waiting for a bus, we struck up a conversation with one of the other guys waiting.

He asked why we were in town and, our obvious answer was... "We're a band on tour."

So what does he do? He invites us to play at his church in the morning.

So... after explaining that we weren't really a band, he comes back and hangs with us at our hotel for a bit. Where my guitar was. Which he saw. Which lead him to invite ME to play/sing at church the next morning.

So I did.

And that, my friends, is how Aaron ended up playing a song he wrote at a black church in Houston, TX.