to meet a hurricane named Ivan / ChicagoCon Pictoral

so it's been quite a while since I've taken a lil time to blog. sue me.

I figured I'd knock out one last entry before I go to meet my impending doom at the hands of Hurrican Ivan and his cohorts of wind, water and destruction. That's right, I'm flying down to Orlando for vacation tommorrow. I fly out Monday, with the hurricane pushing me out (IVAN is currently scheduled to hit Orlando on, yes, Monday).

So why have I not written? Because Aaron's been a good little worker bee and kept very busy.

From an awesome trip in Chicago for WizardWorld Chicago '04 to FUGE's Eval Week '04 to Dragon*Con '04 and now the upcoming DisneyWorld Trip '04... it just keeps going and going.

Memoirs of WizardWorld

So WizardWorld rocked this year even better than '03. This time I was flanked in fun not only by loyal friend Bagget of France, but by the HeroClix Master himself, Dug.

During the course of the con I got to once again meet CB - the talent relations guy at Marvel Comics. I met him last year, had a minor conversation, and assume that he has no idea who I am. CB... not only does he have talent, but he can relate to us little people.

I feel pretty awkward about Chris Claremont. He's the godfather of the X-Men, bringing them back to life so many years ago and taking us on the wild ride of their journey - creating the prototype for what so many comics try so hard to do.

Then he gave us "X-Treme X-Men" with a story so confusing that I didn't even notice when I read it that one of the characters (Psylocke) was killed. That's right, I didn't even notice it. Then he gaves us the X-Treme X-Men storyline of "The Arena" in which he made two sets of characters lesbians (that's 4 lesbians in a row) when none of them had shown that tendacy ever before. So odd.

Then, he went and insulted Joss Wheedon.

Funny man that Joss. And wow, is he good at writing. And seemingly shy about it all, in a boyish way. If I was a girl (or if Claremont wrote my life)... ew. Nevermind.

Yes Joe, you've been a great EiC for Marvel (and as a stockholder, I really mean it). But no, you may not eat the microphone.

And finally, in this WizardWorld Special Pictoral, I managed to infiltrate Bagget of France's secrative international conversations with his French "Agents."

We can see here how coy he his about his masterplan.

I believe he was getting frustrated over Jack-In-the-Box's decision to take the "French" out of "French Fries."

Finally, James concedes to pain when told of the death of Rene Dupree's dog FiFi.

Rest well FiFi. Rest well.