I've always wondered... why did Christ come during the Greco-Roman empire, especially if He was going to wait so long for an encore?

While "Kingdom" may not be readily available to us as a democracy, we can still understand the concept very easily. The people of that time got it... in fact, up until very recently in time, most cultures "got it."

To press back a bit, for the sake of discussion, I don't think "music" can accuractely describe Heaven. I sure hope any form of corporation can't. A Kingdom... in which everyone has to work together for success... in which there is a clear hierarchy (God at the top)... maybe a symphony might work for a descriptor...

Anyhow, I think maybe Christ came at the height of Kingdoms and Empires so that he COULD use that descriptor and the people of that time understand... and people afterwards could understand. Other descriptors show off parts of a Kingdom... but I think Kingdom might be the best choice of descriptor.

All that to say, I was thinking about the question, if Christ came now, how would he describe Heaven... thought that maybe Kindgom COULD be the best descriptor... then followed the logic to answer a question I've had for a while... that if the best descriptor is a Kingdom, why wouldn't He come during the age of empires?

OK... Lunch Break over!