signing up for lj

so... i signed up for lj because Ash keeps her journal on here and figured I might want to post a comment on her journal every now and then.

i haven't posted on my own site for ages, because I've been living life. It's a strange thing to have so little free time. I wake up around 5:30... take care of the dogs... go to work until 4... Ash is usually at the house by 5... she leaves around 10... i'm in bed by 10:30. This happens every weekday except Thursday, when I try to spend time with the guys and work on any freelance projects I have at night.

This is a stark juxtaposition to my previous life, where in I did nothing. I would go to work around 9-10, leave around 6pm and do nothing at night.

Ashley has been wonderful in being patient as I adjust to this much more active life, though every moment has been enjoyable. Life seems so better when you have someone to share even the mundane experiences with. Two are better than one, yes.

I think I'm fading out on the online journalling. While I find it important to communicate with friends, my friend base has shifted dramatically in the past year or so. Whereas my desire to journal was born out of the fact that so many of my friends lived so far away, I've managed to be much more socialable and Ashley and I have developed several solid friendships with people in our lives.

I wish I could communicate more with old friends from college and such, but I understand/accept the cyclical nature of life. When the time is ripe.

I miss Stefan, James, Thorny, Andy, Aubrey, Stephie, Luke/Brittany, Doug and so on and so forth... but have been blessed with Shawn, Thomas, Mike, Andy, Adam, Gabe, Tam, Dan, Aaron, Marion, Christie, Morgan and so on and so forth. It's amazing how people ebb and flow in and out of life.

On the horizon lies potential for some great friendships... Ben and Laurie, Matt, Ashley's Amanda and Allison...

Life's tides bring so many lonely days and so many days with too large a crowd. It's a beautiful thing to have someone walking along side you.

I guess that's where I'll stop for now.