90 Days: The First Five Books

Well, yesterday I finished the first five books of the Bible.

 The experience so far has been amazing and, surprisingly, emotional.  There are times where I'm sitting there, reading the very spoken words of God.. and I feel so disconnected to what He's talking about.  So far, a huge percentage of the words of God are so many rules, regulations, and architectural designs.  He loves a people who are polygamists, screw-ups, and courageous.  And this nation memorizes and memorizes and memorizes these words.

 I think that reading the Bible almost expects you to have read it before.  There are several points in these first five books where I've felt like I should already know something.  Where it seems like it would make so much more sense if I already knew the ending.  Like if I was living with this nation day in and day out and I knew more, there would be so much more significance.

 I think that's kind of how it's supposed to be, maybe?  Maybe we who are not a part of God's chosen nation weren't meant to be a part of this story UNTIL we could know the end.  It wouldn't make sense to us until we came in through the blood of Christ.  Because without Christ, without knowing what He did/is going to do to make us a part of this nation... then a lot of this just still doesn't fully resonate with me.  I don't connect with laws and ideas dealing with multiple wives... because I'm never going to have multiple wives.  I don't know much about pouring out blood from freshly killed animals... because I buy my meat from Kroger.

It's emotional, because I just wish I had done this before.  I want to already have all this knowledge, I already want to understand the realtionship between Moses and God.  I want this.