John Edwards: Presidential Candidate, Bluegrass Lover

So I was at the John Edwards kick-off event here in Nashville today... for about 15-20 minutes (had to pick up Ashley).  The event was changed to a memorial service for the shootings at Virginia Tech at the last moment.  We got to see Mr. Edwards wave at people, the associate minister of the West End Methodist Church prayed, and then some blue grass band played (they were introduced as the coolest guy since Elvis).

I've never been to a political rally before... so it was interesting.  I almost felt bad for John - the shooting took up all the media attention, so I think he know he wasn't going to get any kind of play on CNN or what not.  And.... there really weren't a lot of people there.  Only the inner circle on the bottom was filled... from the stage to the wheelchair aisles:


The balcony was then filled between 6-10 rows deep.  It really wasn't what I expeceted... but I think that might have been because it started at 4; not a lot of a chance for people to get out of work and such.

 All in all, it was neat to go, if only for a few minutes.  I'd like to start going to more of these kinds of things... things meaning free events.