Global Business

This semester is the closing chapter of my MBA education through Liberty University.  I can already tell, however, that I'm going to enjoy it immensely.  This semester, for me, is all about global business.  I'm taking 3 courses this semester:

  1. International Business

  2. Global Economic Environment

  3. Policy & Strategy in Global Corporations

I hate that it's taken me this long to find my niche... but I am absolutley loving these courses.  They are the first ones I've taken during my MBA where the text books are really emphasizing a forward looking strategy.  I don't think that any company larger than a local services business can truly compete in the marketplace without having a global persepctive.

The fact of the matter is, every word that little-old-me types on this blog can be come the international currency of information.  What I post sitting in the Standard Cafe in Nashville, TN can be read by people in China, Dubai, and Thailand.  If i sought them out, I could collaborate with international professionals and create freelance oppertunities across any expanse of water.  Simply put, with no special effort, I could become an international agency.

Why then is it that many businesses restrict their products and marketing to a small regional market?  Once a product has been manufactured and produced, it's simply workflow efforts to make it available in other countries.  Understandably, copyright issues may be a barrier to entry... but if you fully own the content, why restrict it?

One place where I'm expecting to see a huge growth is the purchase of digital goods from external countries.  No shipping cost, no need to repurpose the material, and very easy marketing oppertunites... just turn on Google AdWords in another country.

As we become more and more globally local, I hope that churches will be able to learn from our foreign brothers and sisters.  We need to know the struggles and joys they are facing so we can support them in prayer.  The affluence of American churches can serve foreign churches in ways far greater than unneccessary church improvements could.  Partnering with other countries could allow church members to use their skills and abilities on an international stage.

I'm looking forward to this semester moreso than any other I've taken on my MBA path... should be fun to find how to best utilize the growingly glocal marketplace.