doing things the right way

when we only have limited resources, there are only so many things we can do.

at LifeWay, though we may seem like a very large company, we have very limited resources.  the fact that we're able to get as much done as we're able to due to the incredible talent we do have working for us.  however, because I'm acutely aware of the limited resources we have, I went into my new position accepting that there would be times when I would need to settle for what would just work, instead of what would work best.

this morning I came out of an incredibly encouraging meeting.  looking at the upcoming schedule for I'll be working on, between now and March I'll likely be  uploading between 500-1000 media files to be purchasable on  The nature of some of the files is going to require some enhancements to our download services.  knowing what's coming down the pike, I was expecting to have to fight hard to get a solution that would just work.

the meeting came today, and i realized the faith that LifeWay has not only in the work I'm doing, but also in me.  essentialy, I was told that I wasn't dreaming big enough.  I'm going back to the drawing board and requesting not what will just work, but what I think I will work best.

this is the kind of work I love.  I love being told by my managers that my idea is acceptable, but they know that something better can come from me.  I love the idea that I can think about what's best for the customers first, and worry about the work and technology second.

then, maybe fifteen minutes later, my manager expanded this task even further.  i don't get to just think about the download manager (though that comes first).  i'm now looking at how we present downloadable media as a whole - how they integrate into the catalog, how their product pages look, how we sort and organize them.

doing things the right way, and not just shoehorning new ideas and products into old models, is a huge task... but, man... i did not expect to enjoy my work this much.