the light?

I am the light, am I the light?

You died, right?  I've heard it before, about the crown of thorns you wore, the beatings you took and the slurs and I heard the only one crying was a whore.

If you ask me - and I know you didn't - but that's not the way to die... for a king to die.  So were you planning to die this way or is it untrue?

I am the light is what you said; you died, you rose is what I read.  Your death had no frankencense, myrrh or gold. I would prefer a hero's death instead.

I am the light, am I the light?

I cannot match the way you lived.  I already know I'll do more wrong than what's right and I know you will ask for more than I will give.

So I hear that you were sinless.  But I am so full of sin.  Bless me my Father, fo I cannot be half of what you want for me.

Dress me in your light, your grace giving light.  God I want to be living.  I am tired of this body, so full of sin and dust.  Please Lord, by my king.

And if I follow you and live in your ways - I will try to give my life away.  I want to be free but we both know how much you will have to forgive.

I am the light, am I the light?