The LifeWay Digital Media Blog

That's right... I now have an official LifeWay Digital Media Blog.

This is quite exciting for me, as the best outlet we've had for getting the news out about LifeWay's digital releases (which are near and dear to my heart since... well... it's what I do).  I think this is going to be a great place to explore not just our releases, but how churches can connect digitally.

One of the primary directives of our division here at LifeWay is to support our churches.  I'm going be keeping that in mind as I write the new blog.  As such, most of what I write over there will be aimed in that direction.  I may cross post, link to, or just inform on this blog about updates over there... unsure yet to how to handle it.  My digital identity is spread across several blogs and sites now...

Anyhow, check out the new blog here!