Yes, we're developing a Kinect App

So... a few weeks ago, Microsoft came out with the Kinect for Windows. I did a review of it at launch, here. And, like I suspected, this really is more or less a public beta for the device. It's enabling the various developers around the world to officially get their hands on the device to program for it, it's allowing Microsoft to get back some of the costs for developing an SDK, and it's... just sitting on my wall.

And, unfortuantely, I have yet to find anyone who has actually released a full-on, available in final form, piece of software for the Kinect for Windows. So, I grabbed my buddy Tim Eicher, and we're doing what any real nerd with some time on their hands and cool device sitting on their wall doing nothing but throwing infra-red light at you would do...

We're making an app!

Of course, we're not really ready to talk too much about it... still in the early stages of development... but I got so excited when Tim sent me this test video that I simply had to share it on here.

This little device can sure create some magic. We've got some cool things planned... hopefully they turn out as awesome in real life as they are in my head!

If you could make any kind of Kinect app... what would you build?