On Our Trajectory

Today, one of my friends from college, whom I haven't talked to in years, discovered that I helped put the Bible on the XBOX 360. She then raved about it on her Facebook wall, telling her friends... and another of my friends from college discovered it from her post.

It is so amazing to see when your friends follow their calling in life; I always knew Jenny was meant for way more than a stage in Campbellsville, KY. I'm so glad she followed her dreams and has made NYC her home.

Campbellsville, the middle of no where

 I'm so proud of my friends who were artists and High School and went on to work for Disney, and so proud of my friends who knew they were meant to be a pastor's wife and wouldn't settle for less. I'm so proud of my friends who simply wanted to find work so they could provide for their families... and so proud of my wife who's been published as a Bible teacher and now gets to serve the church by publishing - and spreading - other leader's messages.

It's so crazy to think that now, in this season of life, we are all on our trajectory. We are living out the stories and dreams of our lives.

It's so humbling to think that someone might stumble upon my profile, discover my work on utilizing technology (and the XBOX) to spread the Gospel... and then they might think: "yeah, that's right for him. That's Aaron."

I think I'm going to love this stage of life.