Congratulations to Addison Road

When I was working for Fuge, I used to go around to all the major camp sites and help set up the lighting and sound at each location.  It was during one of these trips that I got to meet a simply great band, Addison Road.  Their music was unique, Jenny had a great voice, and they were genuinely caring people, living a great balance of life, rock & roll, and ministry.  I still remember smiling at the young love so unashamedly shown between Jenny and her husband, Ryan. A few months later I got to work on the youth VBS project for LifeWay.  It was on a shoestring budget, but they wanted to do something cool and high-quality.  I was able to connect with a few of my musician friends and we ended up putting together what was basically an indie Christian CD that was included in every member book for the students that year.   One of the five groups that agreed to be a part of the project was, of course, Addison Road.  Back then I knew they were on the brink of being break out stars.This week, Addison Road is the featured iTunes giveaway.  All the millions of people who hit the iTunes Store this week will get a chance to download their new single, All That Matters, for free.  Make sure you jump in there and download it as well; I promise you, they're an awesome band. And, as a throwback, here's the video that Jeff Lyons shot for the VBS disc with the band.
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