turning thoughts into organized documents: why use multiple digital distribution channels?

I've learned enough to know that what separates a rambling visionary into an organization-changing visionary is being able to communicate their thoughts in a way that is consistent with their firm's culture. My self-endowed task for the next few days is to take my thoughts: and turn them into a document worth reading.  Essentially, I'm justifying the repurposing of our digital assets for distribution in additional media channels. While it may seem like a logical choice in the new media realm, you have to dig a bit deeper into the business case to truly justify it.  When working with additional distro channels, you have to take into account what percentage of the revenue they will take, and what awareness they would bring to the product.  Essentially, are you gaining customer accessibility, or diluting the worth of your centralized digital distribution channel? I am of the opinion that we should have our media in as many locations as possible, because we are such a niche publisher.  By simply having our media available in other channels we serve not only our customer by putting our media in whatever their preferred service is, we end up marketing our products and brand to other users of that service who, otherwise, would never know who we are. So now I am distilling this whiteboard design into words (and a few images) that convey the process and possibilities for our digital media.  Should make for a good Thursday/Friday task!
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