Threads Podcast: The Oscars

Yesterday I got to work on my first podcast for the Threads team, a roundtable discussion on the Oscars.  Normally the roundtable discussions are about ministry, culture, etc., but the group wanted to kick back and have a fun little movie chat. Unfortunately, as I was getting ready for the podcast I realized a horrible truth: I had only seen three movies out of all of the nominations.  So you can listen in as I desperately try to sound like I have a clue (though I did get to talk about Persepolis and Once).  I've found that I consume my media in a growing number of ways, completely at the sacrifice of actually going to the theatre.  If I can have a better visual and auditory experience in my home, if I can make it a social even by having friends over (and being able to talk during the movie), if I can get a glass of water if I'm thirsty instead of paying $3.50 for a bottle of water... and the cost is the same ($20 for two tickets vs $15-20 for a Blu-Ray)... why wouldn't I just wait until it comes out for home release?
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Jason Hayes and Connect Conferences

Jason Hayes is the Young Adult specialist at LifeWay. He came on board about a year ago or so, and has been a great addition to the team. He gets to build relationships with churches across the country, helping them understand the needs and culture of young adults, as well as learning from churches that are having positive young adult ministries.
In this video conversation, Jason talks about the upcoming Connect conferences. The conferences will be limited to 75 participants and be regional, hoping to get church leaders from nearby areas to come together and share their young adult ministry knowledge.

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