Threads Podcast: The Oscars

Yesterday I got to work on my first podcast for the Threads team, a roundtable discussion on the Oscars.  Normally the roundtable discussions are about ministry, culture, etc., but the group wanted to kick back and have a fun little movie chat. Unfortunately, as I was getting ready for the podcast I realized a horrible truth: I had only seen three movies out of all of the nominations.  So you can listen in as I desperately try to sound like I have a clue (though I did get to talk about Persepolis and Once).  I've found that I consume my media in a growing number of ways, completely at the sacrifice of actually going to the theatre.  If I can have a better visual and auditory experience in my home, if I can make it a social even by having friends over (and being able to talk during the movie), if I can get a glass of water if I'm thirsty instead of paying $3.50 for a bottle of water... and the cost is the same ($20 for two tickets vs $15-20 for a Blu-Ray)... why wouldn't I just wait until it comes out for home release?
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