LifeWay Conversations: KNOWN with Rick Prall and Mike Wakefield

In the last video about KNOWN, I got to talk with Scott and Jeff about the general student strategy for KNOWN.  This time I got to sit down with Rick Prall - the editor - and Mike Wakefield - the product manager.  Rick and Mike did a great job of introducing me not only to the KNOWN product, but all of the history, research, and testing that went into the product. This was my own personal first look at the KNOWN materials and I think you'll hear in my reactions how impressed I am with it.  The student team has made some great choices and have developed a truly creative piece that fits with student culture that's out there right now.  It really is unlike anything LifeWay has done before and anything else I'm seeing in the student realm. What I love about the KNOWN team is that they aren't afraid to take risks.  It's a small thing, but even moving away from a quarterly student book to a monthly one is a huge change for us.  And once you open the book, it's appearant that these guys really nailed it on what a student learner piece should look like. [vimeo 1233040]
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