THIS is how you do New Media to promote Mass Media

There are people whose skills in storytelling and production are just so far-and-above the norm that it is inevitable that, given enough time and the proper resources, they will succeed. I first met Nathan Novero in 2001.  He was one of the most highly-esteemed video producers to have worked for LifeWay's Centrifuge camps.  It was my first year as a video producer and he was also on my team - as the pastor. Novero is a communicator and story teller of a wholly different calibur.  His skills are in the details, his work ethic and the way he almost abuses himself to make sure he's looked at the story and message from every angle.  And now, he's decided that he will get his dream movie made. If you're interested at all in how to use new media to promote a project, what Nathan's doing could very easily turn into a text-book example in the future. Check out his youTube diary here.
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