Of Angels and Demons: Gabriel's Monologue

written in 2000


Gabriel’s Monologue


We are angels. We are messengers of God.  We live to serve him.  We have no other choice, for there is no other choice


There was a choice we had to make, once.  A beautiful stranger came to me once.  I say stranger, even though I had known him all my existence.  We had been paired together to learn from each other.  He handpicked me out to be the next in command of all the angels.  There was the creator, then him, then me.  And then he came to me as a stranger.


He whispered strange things in my ear.  Odd incantations, ideas that I couldn’t comprehend.  He seemed so distant, unlike the angel I had known… but even in this odd state I could see the power of host upon host of angels who were supporting him and his strange ideas.  And, even though I couldn’t understand why I would want to follow him, why I would want to be one of his… I felt an urge to go with him.  I felt an urge to leave my position as Gabriel, and follow this false god.


I saw him next during the war.  Things had occurred quickly, its amazing I even remember them happening.  The name Lucifer was not allowed to be said in those times.  He was merely referred to as “The Enemy.”  I believe you humans pronounce it Satan.  I found myself commanding the angels, I was the new one in charge.  I saw angels battle angels.  I believe Walken had it right when he said that we had one wing dipped in grace with the other dipped in blood.


It was not a surprise that we had one.  The Great Mystery had predicted as such.  I think even Satan himself knew.  But he still fought.


I saw him once on the battlefield - he was a long distance away from me, but  I believe he saw me.  I believe he paused when he did.  I don’t think he wanted to go further.  I don’t think he wanted to fight anymore.  And I don’t believe I’ve seen the one named Lucifer since then.  Only Satan comes to visit now.  Only Satan.