Perspectives of our Fathers (hello, dad!)

I found out today that my dad really does read my blog.  It's honoring (and humbling) that my father thinks that the things I have to say are worth his time and effort to read/watch/interact with.  Hello, dad. ;-)

My dad called because he was concerned that I would get into trouble for my previous post.  I think he misunderstood the point of the post (that I was highlighting a company that is effectively using new media formats to due some unique things; specifically, building a young, talented and loyal workforce).  My dad read the post as saying I'd rather work at company where people can dance rather than my current job... which is totally not the message I was trying to convey.  The wisdom of fathers often comes with age and, as such, I appreciate that he was concerned enough to let me know how he interpreted the post.  Though it was not meant at all to convey such a message, either there was something in the post that made him think that or the post was poorly written and, thus, easily misunderstood.

I chose to feature the dancing video because it showed, to me, how embedded new media is into the culutre at Zappos.  At LifeWay we're getting there, but it's the work of just a few of us.  At Zappos, everyone has joined the party.  I mean, their corporate blog posts recipies even.  To me, the reaction to seeing such seemingly non-sensical work that is, essenitally, about creating a corporate image should not just be gawked at but figured out if it works or not.

My dad, having years of experience over me, asked how long they've been in business (to which I guessed 4 years). He said to look into them when they've been around for ten years.  Turns out, they were started in 1999 and, this year, they expect to bring in over a billion dollars in revenue.

I could go on and on about how I think they're doing things right in the digital space and innovating with their online transparency.  I don't know that I'd want to work there though, to be honest.  It seems almost like too much "fun" and pranks amidst the work.  Perhaps I'm too old already?

The point is, it's interesting to me how blogs can be interpreted so many ways.  My dad interpreted my post spotlighting a cool company doing things the way I consider to be "right" thought new media marketing as me saying I'd rather work there and that I dislike my job.  This is, simply put, not true.  I love my job and have no intention of leaving.  I enjoy the challenge of helping my workplace find how we can best use new media for our business and to help our customers, churches.  The reason I write articles for Collide and do videos for the Leadership Network is because I want to share my experise and my understanding of digital-culture-as-it-is with those who maybe aren't as connected to it as I am.

I welcome the struggles of my job and only hope to have more; if it was easy I'd get bored and there would be nothing for me to work towards.  But, instead, I get to go to work every day and wonder what the experience will be like, what will I get to learn, and what will I get to teach.

Thankfully, we have the wisdom of our fathers to help us see when our zeal and enthusiasm might be interpreted for something that it's not.  It's that experience and outside perspective that always will be valued.